Samantha Reed

magnesium citrate bloating

Magnesium Citrate Bloating: Myths vs. Facts Uncovered

Magnesium citrate, a popular supplement for its laxative properties and role in maintaining bodily functions, may have an unexpected side effect: bloating. While it’s designed to alleviate digestive issues, some individuals report increased gas and discomfort. This seemingly contradictory response raises questions about whether magnesium citrate bloating is a common side effect. Let’s delve into ...

Natalie Wong

colloidal copper benefits

Essential Guide to Colloidal Copper Benefits & Uses

Colloidal copper is gaining attention for its potential health perks. As a trace mineral, our bodies need it in small amounts, yet it plays a crucial role. From supporting a healthy immune system to keeping our skin looking youthful, colloidal copper might just be the unsung hero in the world of wellness. Let’s dive into ...